[ejabberd] getting started with ejabberd...

Anastasia Gornostaeva ermine at ermine.pp.ru
Fri Aug 29 12:19:41 MSD 2003

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 05:44:36PM -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:

> 1. the ssl problem

[skip for aleksey]

> 2. let's say i get the ssl working. is there an easy way to move over my
>    spool file from my jabber-1.4.2 server? i would prefer to avoid
>    having to subscribe a whole bunch of folks, though i suppose i can
>    write a tcl script to do it easily enough...

Tkabber->Discovery-> your server -> Running Nodes -> Import users from 
jabberd 1.4 spool

You need previously assign admin perms yourself in ejabberd.cfg


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