[ejabberd] getting started with ejabberd...

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Sat Aug 30 00:06:07 MSD 2003

Hello, Dendik!

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003 13:10:58 +0400, you said:

 >> however, when i try to register (by logging in with tkabber), the
 >> connection gets dropped (cf., attached ejabberd.log).
 DNF> in my case (i don't remember exactly, but my erlang is R9B-0 as i
 DNF> remember) logging in and registering works fine ONLY IF PASSWORDS ARE NOT
 DNF> HASHED. Probably it's a problem with erlang again.

Hehe, it seems you also need crypto_drv.so and elibcrypto.so to be installed :)
BTW in Marshall case tkabber uses SASL authentifiction, so "use hashed
password" checkbox are ignored.


 DNF> BTW. I don't really know erlang (except that i read the article on it a
 DNF> year ago and thuoght it's a cool language, and that i know Haskell well
 DNF> (even almost wrote and interpreter/ compiler for it by myself) and think
 DNF> that Erlang is like Haskell but without types, without monads (that is
 DNF> bad),

Why dynamically typed language needs monads?

 DNF> and in common tending more towards Refal (that is good)).

For me its syntax looks more like prolog one.  And IMHO general features of
this language is its support for concurrency, distribution and ETS with Mnesia
(distributed database in which you can store erlang terms, i.e. it does
transparent marshaling).

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