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Dendik N.F. dendik at zmail.ru
Sat Aug 30 20:23:06 MSD 2003


>  >> however, when i try to register (by logging in with tkabber), the
>  >> connection gets dropped (cf., attached ejabberd.log).
>  DNF> in my case (i don't remember exactly, but my erlang is R9B-0 as i
>  DNF> remember) logging in and registering works fine ONLY IF PASSWORDS ARE NOT
>  DNF> HASHED. Probably it's a problem with erlang again.
>Hehe, it seems you also need crypto_drv.so and 
>elibcrypto.so to be installed :)
And this is all subject to BAD WRITTEN Makefile of
Erlang. I told him ./trackbuild.erlang -- and it
was building and building and building -- and it was
long process (on my PII/266 it took something like
1 hour 40 minutes!!). And after failing to compile
crypto it did not fail! That was wrong. So now i also
ejoy SSL on ejabberd... No, actually there are some
problems right now, but i'll work on them after i get
home and get enough free time for it.

>  DNF> BTW. I don't really know erlang (except that i read the article on it a
>  DNF> year ago and thuoght it's a cool language, and that i know Haskell well
>  DNF> (even almost wrote and interpreter/ compiler for it by myself) and think
>  DNF> that Erlang is like Haskell but without types, without monads (that is
>  DNF> bad),
>Why dynamically typed language needs monads?
Are there any types in erlang at all? Probably, you're 
and erlang doesn't need ones, but one reason for which i 
to learn erlang (did not yet, because i was too lazy to 
otp) was it being similar to Refal but with function 
headers, i
mean compile-time-checked limitation on possible inputs. 
Now i
think i was wrong -- there are no function headers.

>  DNF> and in common tending more towards Refal (that is good)).
>For me its syntax looks more like prolog one.  And IMHO general features of

Had not enough time for prolog yet (Will definitely learn 
it in
next few months), but i meant paradigm, not syntax. And is 
ANY pattern-matching in prolog? As of haskell -- i think 
it's pattern-
matching is really different from both Erlang and Refal.
BTW, if it was buzzword to you, you should visit refal.org 
-- i
learned Refal in three hours, so it's really simple and 
nice language.
For it's purposes.

>this language is its support for concurrency, distribution and ETS with Mnesia
Completely agreed!!!

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