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Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Sun Aug 31 01:10:47 MSD 2003

Hello, Dendik!

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 19:23:06 +0400, you said:

 >> Why dynamically typed language needs monads?
 DNF> Are there any types in erlang at all?

Yes: integer, float, list, binary, tuple, pid, etc...

 DNF> Had not enough time for prolog yet (Will definitely learn it in next few
 DNF> months), but i meant paradigm, not syntax. And is there ANY
 DNF> pattern-matching in prolog?

Yes, compare:


member(X, [X | _]).
member(X, [_ | Xs]) :-
  member(X, Xs).


member(X, [X | _]) -> true;
member(X, [_ | Y]) ->
  member(X, Y);
member(X, []) -> false.


member x (y:ys) | x == y    = True
                | otherwise = member x ys
member x [] = False

Not remeber syntax of Refal, but this should look very similar in it.

 DNF> As of haskell -- i think it's pattern- matching is really different from
 DNF> both Erlang and Refal.  BTW, if it was buzzword to you, you should visit
 DNF> refal.org

Have seen it, but mainly because of its supercompiler...

PS: If there no more ejabberd-related questions, then let's go to private...

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