[ejabberd] getting started with ejabberd...

Anastasia Gornostaeva ermine at ermine.pp.ru
Sun Aug 31 12:14:54 MSD 2003

On Sat, Aug 30, 2003 at 10:47:37PM -0700, Marshall Rose wrote:

> what script do people use to start ejabberd under rc. i suspect it
> involves doing
>     erl -noinput ...
> under netbsd, the ideal situation is for the daemon to put its pid in a
> file, so you can HUP or KILL the daemon as needed...

    erl -name ejabberd -s ejabberd -detached

I dont know how to make pid file.
For killing use 'killall beam'

btw, it should be better runned under local user perms, not root, so
for e.jabber.ru it is runing from rc.d as 'su aleksey -c "erl .... -detached"

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