[ejabberd] outgoing s2s connections broken?

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Mon Sep 1 23:46:30 MSD 2003

Hello, Marshall!

On Mon, 1 Sep 2003 07:06:06 -0700, you said:

 MR> ok, this has got to be pilot error on my part...  so, i get ejabberd
 MR> running and my local users are happy (me and about half-a-dozen
 MR> bots). however, the only thing that shows up in my roster are local users.
 MR> if i look at ejabberd.log, i see a lot of lines like this:


 MR> which would seem to indicate normality. except for the fact that if i boot
 MR> my other system running jabberd-1.4.2, i see that there are some folks
 MR> actually logged in out there on those other servers...
 MR> how can i go about debugging this?
I usually use "tcpflow" tool (not sure that it works on non-linux OSes), any
other traffic sniffer is also can be useful.  I have no problem connecting to
psg.com from my ejabberd, but I can't connect to jabber.com.  It seems this is
my error, I'll try to fix it tommorow (it seems this is because of absence of
"id" attribute in stream header).

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