[ejabberd] migrating jabberd2 to ejabberd

Dmitry demon_irc at mail.ru
Wed Aug 4 14:12:35 MSD 2004

Good day.

IMHO where are a lot of problems in developing jabberd2.. some bugs is not
fixed a mounths.. there is not progress.
So, i decide to migrate to ejabberd.
One of my server is on windows platform and i have downloaded ejabberd
binaries for windows.
Where is some questions:
1. is somewhere docs about migration from jabberd2 (mysql dbms) to ejabberd
(mnesia)? i think such doc will be usefull not only for me.
2. do you planning storing data via mysql or other popular dbms?
3. Is where script (php prefered) to retrieve some information (amount of
online users, list of them and other) for website?

First of all, i am interested in transfering exist users from mysql to
ejabberd db.


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