[ejabberd] migrating jabberd2 to ejabberd

sgolovan at nm.ru sgolovan at nm.ru
Wed Aug 4 14:26:41 MSD 2004

Hello Dmitry

Ср, 04.08.2004 14:12:35 you wrote:
D> Good day.
D> IMHO where are a lot of problems in developing jabberd2.. some bugs is not
D> fixed a mounths.. there is not progress.
D> So, i decide to migrate to ejabberd.
D> One of my server is on windows platform and i have downloaded ejabberd
D> binaries for windows.
D> Where is some questions:
D> 1. is somewhere docs about migration from jabberd2 (mysql dbms) to ejabberd
D> (mnesia)? i think such doc will be usefull not only for me.

I didn't see any such docs... ejabberd supports only database conversion for
jabberd-1.4 spool files.

D> 2. do you planning storing data via mysql or other popular dbms?
D> 3. Is where script (php prefered) to retrieve some information (amount of
D> online users, list of them and other) for website?

There is a maintenance web-interface for ejabberd. I didn't see any other
useful web scripts.

D> First of all, i am interested in transfering exist users from mysql to
D> ejabberd db.

I don't expect it to be a very complicated task. But for now you have to
write scripts by yourself... 

Just some hints:
1) look at src/jd2ejd.erl to find how to add info to ejabberd database;
2) look at rpc manual page to find how to call the functions remotely;

Sergei Golovan

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