[ejabberd] migrating jabberd2 to ejabberd

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Wed Aug 4 15:34:22 MSD 2004

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> D>
> D> First of all, i am interested in transfering exist users from mysql to
> D> ejabberd db.
> I don't expect it to be a very complicated task. But for now you have to
> write scripts by yourself...
> Just some hints:
> 1) look at src/jd2ejd.erl to find how to add info to ejabberd database;
> 2) look at rpc manual page to find how to call the functions remotely;

I don't know erlang and haven't time to learn it enougth to write own code.
If i shall not find any _exists_ decisions i simply write php (why not?)
code translating data from some mysql tables (authreg, vcard, rosters..) to
text file in .dump format of ejabberd db.

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> Sergei Golovan

Dmitry Serov.

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