[ejabberd] Hi all / some questions ;)

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Wed Aug 4 16:23:42 MSD 2004

Hello, Bastian!

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 13:54:18 +0200, you said:

 BH> Hi, we are currently using jabberd2 but I think to change to
 BH> ejabberd when we have to move to our new server soon.
 BH> I tried it today and it works but I'm not familar with erlang so
 BH> I have to ask a few questions ;)
 BH> 1.  I start the server with the snippet from the documentation:
 BH> erl -pa /var/lib/ejabberd/ebin \ -sname ejabberd \ -s ejabberd \
 BH> -ejabberd config \"/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg\" \ log_path
 BH> \"/var/log/ejabberd/ejabberd.log\" \ -sasl sasl_error_logger
 BH> \{file,\"/var/log/ejabberd/sasl.log\"\} \ -mnesia dir
 BH> \"/var/lib/ejabberd/spool\"

 BH> but after that there is some type of console and I can't just
 BH> simply start it into the background.. I run it in a screen now
 BH> but I guess there is an other solution ?

Just add an -detached option :)

 BH> 2.  I tried to run the ejabberdctl tool but it crashes instantly:
 BH> :~/ejabberd/tools # ./ejabberdctl {"init terminating in
 BH> do_boot",{undef,[{ejabberd_ctl,start,[]},{init,start_it,1},{init,start_em,1}
 BH> ]}}

 BH> Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump init terminating in
 BH> do_boot ()

 BH> and leaves a 200k dump file ;)
Run it from directory where ejabberd .beam files reside, or add
"-pa /var/lib/ejabberd/ebin" inside this script.

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