[ejabberd] startup

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Thu Aug 5 01:25:20 MSD 2004

Hello, Rob!

On Wed, 04 Aug 2004 13:02:15 -0500, you said:

 RS> Greetings all, I'm new to ejabberd, trying to get away from jabberd, I
 RS> compiled libexpat, erlang, and then ejabberd all went well there. I'm
 RS> trying to start ejabberd using the "scripts" from the
 RS> howto. "/usr/local/bin/erl -pa /var/lib/ejabberd/ebin -sname ejabberd -s
 RS> ejabberd"

 RS> I get the following output when I try to start ejabberd. Any help would be
 RS> appreciated as to why it is refusing to start.

 RS> Rob

 RS> Output from starting ejabberd below.


 RS> =CRASH REPORT==== 4-Aug-2004::12:55:59 === crasher: pid: <0.100.0>
 RS> registered_name: [] error_info: {{failed,{error,{file_error,
 RS> "/var/lib/ejabberd/Mnesia.ejabberd at new/DECISION_TAB.LOG", eacces}}},

You need to change permission on /var/lib/ejabberd/ directory to allow to
create files for ejabberd process.


 RS> =ERROR REPORT==== 4-Aug-2004::12:55:59 === E(<0.40.0>:ejabberd_config:50):
 RS> Can't load config file "ejabberd.cfg": {15,
 RS> erl_parse,
 RS> ["syntax error before: ",
 RS> ["'{'"]]}

And you have syntax error in ejabberd.cfg (probably missed comma or brace).

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