[ejabberd] Distributed jabber nodes

Robert Wills robert.wills at dicta.org.uk
Thu Aug 5 14:39:14 MSD 2004


I, like some other people on this list, am also thinking of
transitioning from jabberd2 to ejabberd.  One thing I would like to get
an understanding of is distribution.

The documentation says:
"A Jabber domain is served by one or more ejabberd nodes. These nodes
can be runned on different machines that are connected via a network.
They all must have the ability to connect to port 4369 of all another
nodes, and must have the same magic cookie (see Erlang/OTP
documentation, in other words the file ~ejabberd/.erlang.cookie must be
the same on all nodes). This is needed because all nodes exchange
information about connected users, S2S connections, registered services,

I've got 2 machines with ejabberd running
[rob at daedalus src]$  erl -sname ejabberd -s ejabberd
[rob at mulligan src]$  erl -sname ejabberd -s ejabberd

Erlang starts up fine on both machines.  They are both using the same
(ejabberd at daedalus)4> erlang:get_cookie().
(ejabberd at mulligan)1> erlang:get_cookie().

and they can ping each other:
(ejabberd at daedalus)5> net_adm:ping(ejabberd at mulligan).
(ejabberd at mulligan)3> net_adm:ping(ejabberd at daedalus).

>From my limited reading of the erlang documentation that should mean the
nodes will communicate properly.

But when I go to http://daedalus:5280/admin/nodes/ I only see
ejabberd at daedalus and when I go to http://mulligan:5280/admin/nodes/ I
only see ejabberd at mulligan.

Could anyone give me some pointers as to what else I need to do?  Thanks
in advance.


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