[ejabberd] Distributed jabber nodes

Alexey Shchepin alexey at sevcom.net
Thu Aug 5 15:17:31 MSD 2004

Hello, Robert!

On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 11:39:14 +0100, you said:

 RW> Hello, I, like some other people on this list, am also thinking
 RW> of transitioning from jabberd2 to ejabberd.  One thing I would
 RW> like to get an understanding of is distribution.


 RW> But when I go to http://daedalus:5280/admin/nodes/ I only see
 RW> ejabberd at daedalus and when I go to
 RW> http://mulligan:5280/admin/nodes/ I only see ejabberd at mulligan.

 RW> Could anyone give me some pointers as to what else I need to do?
 RW> Thanks in advance.

Here [1] is described what steps you need to do to make ejabberd
cluster.  And with ejabberd 0.7 you can use web interface to make
steps 3 and 4.

[1] http://lists.jabber.ru/pipermail/ejabberd/2004-April/000102.html

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