[ejabberd] Distributed jabber nodes

Robert Wills robert.wills at dicta.org.uk
Thu Aug 5 19:59:52 MSD 2004

Thanks that worked.  

I can now log in as:
juid at daedalus or juid at mulligan or juid at etc.

I can register on one node and then login on another.

As I understand it this already improves on the clustering provided by
other servers such as jabberd2 because you can have a juid available on
all machines on the cluster instead of on just one machine in the
cluster.  Presumably the next step would be to do something like
round-robin dns  http://hacks.oreilly.com/pub/h/79 so that all users of
the cluser go to user at jabbercluster and get allocated to a specific node
when they first make a connection.  Is that correct or is there a more
elegant way to achive this effect?

Thanks again,

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