[ejabberd] Roster module

Antoine MALGRAS toniom at gmail.com
Thu Aug 5 20:18:54 MSD 2004

I have nearly finish my first module for ejabberd.

This module creates/updates the roster of users depending of ldap informations.
It retreives the groups the user belong to and all the members of those groups.

For each value it inserts two mnesia items in the roster table, and
auto-subscribe the two users. But there is a problem, instead of two
{both, none} status, after auto-subscription I get one user with {to,
in} status and the other with {both, none} ...

In order to use it, you must :
- insert 'groups' values in ldap (at least 2 users must have the same
group for their rosters to be updated)
- save mod_roster_2.erl in the src folder
- replace mod_roster by mod_roster_2 in ejabberd.cfg

Could you please have a look to my module and tell me what do you
think about the auto-subscription part.

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