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Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sat Aug 7 22:10:11 MSD 2004

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Op zaterdag 7 augustus 2004 17:45, schreef Rob Sell:
> Now that I have a working install of ejabberd, I've started testing with
> a few of our clients. One of our EE's both run SuSE and use kopete to
> use jabber which works fine with ejabberd. All of our other users are on
> Win XP, and most are using the crappy jabber.com client, version 1.1*
> doesn't seem to like ejabberd. It registers a new user fine but then
> can't sign on, I seem to remember having this problem when we tried
> jabberd2 also. We are willing to change clients for everyone.

Yes: one of the problems is that some clients do not support disco or have 
problems with XMPP.

> My question is what clients do you all recommend for a corporate
> environment? What clients out there seem to play the best with ejabberd?
> free is good, gpl is not a requirement but would be good also.

I only tested gpl ones (on Linux and some on Windows).
o Psi: does work, but don't support x:data forms (so you can't use the admin 
interface with it and you can't search in the vCard-jud), MUC, and xml:lang 
(if you need these). (though x:data and MUC support are planned for the next 
release and voice/video chat maybe too)
o Tkabber is maybe not a good user interface for the people in your company 
although it runs very will with ejabberd (as it's also developed by Aleksey 
like ejabberd ;-) )
o Gaim will also work I guess, but it do not support much Jabber things (like 
o look on the client list of Jabber.org which also lists commercial clients

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