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Sun Aug 8 02:50:22 MSD 2004

Hello Rob,

Saturday, August 7, 2004, 6:45:29 PM, you wrote:

RS> Now that I have a working install of ejabberd, I've started testing with
RS> a few of our clients. One of our EE's both run SuSE and use kopete to
RS> use jabber which works fine with ejabberd. All of our other users are on
RS> Win XP, and most are using the crappy jabber.com client, version 1.1*
RS> doesn't seem to like ejabberd. It registers a new user fine but then
RS> can't sign on, I seem to remember having this problem when we tried
RS> jabberd2 also. We are willing to change clients for everyone. 

Nice to hear this :)

RS> My question is what clients do you all recommend for a corporate
RS> environment? What clients out there seem to play the best with ejabberd?
RS> free is good, gpl is not a requirement but would be good also. 

The Disney company license the Jabber Messanger from Jabber inc.
with name Go messanger, without groupchat but pretty with email go.com
services, they don`t block the server option and you may put needed.
In my testing with erlang otp win latest & ejabberd 0.7 wiht cvs updates
I`am not found any bug in functions ejabberd<-->go messanger
You may find it useful for fits your need in corporate style jabber client
The FA link is http://im.go.com/faq.htm
The link is http://im.go.com/gomsgrsx.exe

The best(with many features!) is the tkabber
JAJC is second my guess of functionality
Sorry for my BAD english :)

Best regards,
 Denis                            mailto:usercard at ua.fm

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