[ejabberd] Ejabberd on Windows NT and controlling user ID creation by sysadmin only.

Martyn Baker Martyn.Baker at clara.co.uk
Sun Aug 8 11:39:52 MSD 2004


I have a need to stop people creating their own ID's with the clients when they first connect to Ejabberd.

Currently, in Exodus, users can create a new account by putting a tick in "this is a new account" box and the server will create it.

On the server in Ejabberd.cfg, there is a line which is similar to the below:

% Used modules:
{mod_register, [{access, register}]},

Does anyone know if there are any built in ACL's like mod_muc's admin_access and access_create which could be used to allow the sysadmin only to add and delete accounts ?
I have tried creating an acl called user_admin and tried adding another tuple to the end of mod_register function but it doesn't seem to work.

This is now the only other problem I have been asked to sort out (the other two were SSL which I got working yesterday - I had the certificate file wrong and admin of the server, for which I'm using Tkabber as the webadmin utility seems quite restricted)

Does anyone have any ideas about how to control user ID creation ?

Thanks in a advance.

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