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Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sun Aug 8 13:05:22 MSD 2004

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Op zondag 8 augustus 2004 02:38, schreef Robert Wills:
> (I added the ability for an
> administrator to add new users through the configuration node using
> tkabber & it seemed to work (I'm happy to submit this patch if anyone's
> interested btw)) 

I guess no one will blame you if you just send it to this list ;-)


> Probably the main point contra ejabberd is that it's a smaller project
> than jabberd2

Yes, that was also my first idea about it, though when I looked at other GPL 
Jabber server implementations I saw they also have only one main 
hacker...maybe it will help to list all patch contributors on the home 
page :-)

> with fewer people on the mailing list, but activity this 
> list seems to have picked up since 0.7...

Just an idea: why not having a MUC room about ejabberd (and Tkabber) on e.g. 
jabber.ru with logging enabled? And then make these logs accessible through 
ejabberd.jabberstudio.org and tkabber.jabber.ru?

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