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Martyn Baker Martyn.Baker at clara.co.uk
Sun Aug 8 14:38:24 MSD 2004


I'd be interested to find out more about the patch you have for adding
users - I found that the version of tkabber I'm using at the moment works
fine for adding, though what I'm trying to is find out is if I can restrict
people from creating accounts to the sysadmin only.

So far, no joy though.

As a point of interest, I'm running Ejabberd on Windows NT 4.


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> On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 18:51, Mickael Remond wrote:
> > Just a question. What were your motivations for dropping jabberd ? It is
interesting to know to help convince other people.
> This wasn't addressed to me directly, but since I'm in a similar boat &
> thinking of migrating from jabberd2 to ejabberd, I thought I'd reply.
> Reasons for choosing ejabberd:
> 1. erlang:  I'm a newbie to erlang but it strikes me that it's the right
> language for implementing a jabber server:
> - safer than c (jabberd & jabberd2 have had their share of memory
> leaks) -- my understanding is that this won't happen with erlang
> - lightweight threads:  jabberd & jabberd2 use operating system threads
> which means that with lots of users you can run into problems with
> running out of file descriptors -- of course, you can increase the file
> descriptor limit, but IMHO lightweight threads make more sense
> - concurrency-oriented:  this allows you to produce a better jabber
> cluster where users can register on any node as opposed to jabberd where
> you have to allocate users to individual nodes
> - hackability-- as I said I'm new to erlang but even so I think it's
> easier to understand the source code and see how additional features
> could be added than with jabberd (I added the ability for an
> administrator to add new users through the configuration node using
> tkabber & it seemed to work (I'm happy to submit this patch if anyone's
> interested btw))  Also the fact that erlang is safer again makes this
> less intimidating than with jabberd.
> 2.  Configuration interface:  The ability to reliably see who's online,
> etc is a big plus for convincing managers.
> Probably the main point contra ejabberd is that it's a smaller project
> than jabberd2 with fewer people on the mailing list, but activity this
> list seems to have picked up since 0.7...
> -Rob
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