[ejabberd] Ejabberd 0.7 load error on Windows NT4

Martyn Baker Martyn.Baker at clara.co.uk
Sun Aug 8 14:44:59 MSD 2004


No, I haven't modified the source code at all, neither have I tried to
create a room.

I'll try creating a room and see if that fixes the problem then get back to
the list.


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Martyn Baker escribió:
> Hi
> Can anyone give me an indication of why I'm getting this eror at the ned
> of the Ejabberd load ?
> =ERROR REPORT==== 7-Aug-2004::15:25:00 ===
> E(<0.28433.0>:gen_mod:43): {badarg,[{erlang,
>                                         register,
>                                         [ejabberd_mod_muc,<0.28692.0>]},
>                                     {mod_muc,start,1},
>                                     {gen_mod,start_module,2},
>                                     {lists,foreach,2},
>                                     {ejabberd_app,start,2},
>                                     {application_master,start_it_old,4}]}

Erlang only shows you an error report? If it provides more, copy them
too, maybe they indicate more information.

If you did not modify Ejabberd source code, and you have not ever used
MUC (so there are no MUC tables in the database) then maybe it's a
syntax error in the configuration.

Try to use the example ejabberd.cfg, at least for the muc configuration,
and check what lines did you change: one of them may have a sysntax error.

% Admins of this server are also admins of MUC service:
{access, muc_admin, [{allow, admin}]}.

% All users are allowed to use MUC service:
{access, muc, [{allow, all}]}.

% Used modules:
   {mod_muc,        [{access, muc},
    {access_create, muc},
    {access_admin, muc_admin}]},

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