[ejabberd] Ejabberd on Windows NT and controlling user ID creationby sysadmin only.

sgolovan at nm.ru sgolovan at nm.ru
Sun Aug 8 14:44:00 MSD 2004

Hello Martyn Baker

Вс, 08.08.2004 11:39:52 you wrote:
MB> Hi
MB> I have a need to stop people creating their own ID's with the clients when they first connect to Ejabberd.
MB> Currently, in Exodus, users can create a new account by putting a tick in "this is a new account" box and the server will create it.
MB> On the server in Ejabberd.cfg, there is a line which is similar to the below:
MB> % Used modules:
MB> {modules,
MB> [
MB> {mod_register, [{access, register}]},

Just put

{access, register, [{deny, all}]}. 

to your config file. This will forbid in-band registering of new users.

To register users you may use the following script:

erl -sname ejabberdctl -s ejabberd_ctl -noinput -extra ejabberd at yourhostname register <username> <password>

Sergei Golovan
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