[ejabberd] External auth with non plaintext passwords

Leif Johansson leifj at it.su.se
Wed Aug 11 16:00:19 MSD 2004

Bastian Hoyer wrote:
> Hi,
> I figured out how to set it up to use an external script for auth but it
> only works with plaintext passwords.
> It should be possible to do it with hashed passwords when i store the
> password plaintext in the database but I guess I would need to hack the
> erlang code to pass everything needed to the perl script.
> Can anybody help me with that ?

I don't know enough abut how the hash mechanism works to do it but if
you give me a simple description I can give it a try. However it may be
better to use a shared-secret SASL mechanism instead of the legacy
shared secret mech...

	MVH leifj

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