[ejabberd] ejabberd on windows with AD ...

Sommer Detlef somm at etm-ag.com
Fri Aug 13 15:33:35 MSD 2004

I am trying to get ejabberd 0.7 up and running
with LDAP/AD integration. The server is running
well with integrated authentication, but when I
switch over to LDAP against AD nothing works ...

Has someone set up such a configuration that works ?

How can I enable debug messages in ejabberd so I can
debug the communication with the AD server ?

TIA, Detlef Sommer

Detlef Sommer

ETM Aktiengesellschaft
Kasernenstrasse 29, A-7000 Eisenstadt
Phone: +43-2682/741-0; Fax: +43-2682/741-107
E-Mail: mailto:somm at etm.at; Web: http://www.etm.at

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