[ejabberd] ldap question

Allan Marcus allan at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 18 22:31:12 MSD 2004

I'm new to ejabberd and jabber admin in general. I've set up ejabberd 
using the erlang and ejabberd binaries on Windows XP (I know, yuck, but 
it was easy). I have a few questions:

1) I used PSI to register a new account. How can I remove this account? 
Where is the account stored?
2) We have an LDAP server that support authentication, but I cannot 
seem to get it to work with ejabberd. I uncommented the 4 LDAP lines, 
commented the "{auth_method, internal}." line, entered the server name, 
the lookup field (uid) and the base, but when I connect, it doesn't 
appear to do anything. I can't see any attempt to do an ldap lookup in 
the log. Is there a way to see what it's doing?

Your help would be appreciated.


Allan Marcus

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