[ejabberd] RE: ejabberd on windows with AD ...

Sommer Detlef somm at etm-ag.com
Thu Aug 19 11:30:04 MSD 2004

First of all thanks to everyone who answered to my posting.

Finaly I must say it seems that it is not possible to use
the user database of AD (with LDAP) for ejabberd. That makes
me really unhappy because I think this is one of the best
jabber daemons I tested in the past. Great work ...

But I don't give up at the moment. Two other questions which
can help me solve my authentication problem:

1) How can I turn debug on in erlang/ejabberd. What I wan't
is a detailed output of the communication between ejabberd and
AD. How can I handle this ?

2) Is there a way to implement other ways of authetication ? I
think of using e.g. an POP3 server or something else ? Can I
easily write my own "module" for authentication and then use
it within ejabberd ? If yes, is there a guide how I can do that ?

Please keep in mind that I am runnung ejabberd on W2K server ...

TIA, Detlef Sommer

Detlef Sommer

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