[ejabberd] RE: ejabberd on windows with AD ...

Sommer Detlef somm at etm-ag.com
Fri Aug 20 17:16:46 MSD 2004

Hello James !

I'm not aware of one, but the basic steps are:
  - Obtain and apply the extauth patch (if you're not using CVS version)
  - Modify configuration to use extauth
  - Write a program/script to do the authentication for you

Thanks for the answer. I think I can solve the problem using external
authetication and I also undersood the sample .pl script.

But please can you tell me how I get the files I downloaded from
cvs into my installation I have in windows ? I used the 0.7
windows installer and have no idea how to insert the files.

BTW, does someone know when 0.8 will be out ?

TIA Detlef Sommer

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