[ejabberd] RE: ejabberd on windows with AD ...

Martyn Baker Martyn.Baker at clara.co.uk
Mon Aug 23 20:37:03 MSD 2004

James / Detlef

I think you can download the Ejabberd source and then compile it with
Erlang - I believe the development software is also part of the downloaded

Aleskey is the best person to answer that question though !


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> Hi Detlef,
> > But please can you tell me how I get the files I downloaded
> > from cvs into my installation I have in windows ? I used the
> > 0.7 windows installer and have no idea how to insert the files.
> Hmmm... in this case I'm not really sure...  I presume ejabberd still runs
> under an Erlang environment, but whether or not you'll have the source for
> Ejabberd and the means to compile it are the main questions.  Can anyone
> help out here?
> JT
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