[ejabberd] Common Roster for all users?

Steve Kondik shade at chemlab.org
Thu Dec 2 09:27:35 MSK 2004

I think this is a pretty typical need in a corporate environment.  We're
running ejabberd here, and I ended up making an interface on our staff
portal that lets users bulk-add other users from our AD.  It works
decently well, but sending a pre-built roster would be ideal.
Unfortunately I'm still learning Erlang and don't understand it well
enough to implement this feature.

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 22:56 -0500, Sam Sgro wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm setting up a jabber server to serve as the central hub for all our
> internal IM communications. I'm looking for a GPL'd solution that
> allows me to do one simple thing: specify a common roster for all
> users (that pretty much includes everyone in the company).
> Now, with jabberd2, it doesn't seem like this is trivially possible -
> it seems like I might be able to do this by preloading the
> roster-items table with all combinations of all users, pre-authorized,
> and resetting this every night.
> Could ejabberd help make this simpler? Or am I just barking up the
> wrong tree - perhaps no jabber-based IM solution will allow me to
> effectively implement this system.
> Thanks in advance for all your responses.
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