[ejabberd] Ability to use any ldap account with no password

Oleg Kivel olegk at dp.ru
Thu Dec 2 11:56:24 MSK 2004

Hello, All!

I installed ejabberd-0.7.5 (Linux Red Hat 9) with {auth_method, ldap}.

LDAP-service - Lotus Domino 5.0.12 (for Linux).

And I use JAJC jabber-client (for Windows, version

If I check the "Use plain text password" box when Tools -> Accounts ->
Setup, then ejabberd accept ONLY VALID ldap user's password.

If I DON'T check the "Use plain text password" box, then ejabberd
accept ANY (even empty) PASSWORD for any ldap user and after it I can
use jabber-service without problem!

Other clients (PSI, Expodus) permit to enter only valid ldap user's

Is this issue with ejabberd, Lotus Domino LDAP-service or JAJC?

Kivel Oleg.

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