[ejabberd] enable persistent muc's

Karsten Heymann kheymann at ecology.uni-kiel.de
Mon Dec 6 16:30:18 MSK 2004


i've just set up a ejabberd from debian sarge (Version 
Version: 0.7.5-5, the -5 is the debian revision of the package). It runs
nearly out of the box but I don't get persistent chatrooms working. In
fact I can't configure chatrooms at all. I have tested with exodus and
gaim under windows and with gabber and gaim under linux. gaim sais
"unable to configure room". changes done in exodus don't seem to be

here the (probably) relevant parts from ejabberd.conf:

%{access, muc_admin, [{allow, admin}]}.
{access, muc_admin, [{allow, all}]}.

% All users are allowed to use MUC service:
{access, muc, [{allow, all}]}.

  {mod_announce,   [{access, announce}]},
  {mod_register,   [{access, register}]},
  {mod_roster,     []},
  {mod_privacy,    []},
  {mod_configure,  []},
  {mod_configure2, []},
  {mod_disco,      [{extra_domains, ["users.jabber.org"]}]},
  {mod_stats,      []},
  {mod_vcard,      []},
  {mod_offline,    []},
  {mod_echo,       []},
  {mod_private,    []},
  {mod_irc,        []},
  {mod_muc,        [{access, muc},
                    {access_create, muc},
                    {access_admin, muc_admin}]},
  {mod_pubsub,     []},
  {mod_time,       []},
  {mod_last,       []},
  {mod_version,    []}


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