[ejabberd] Installing without SSL

Frank Taylor frankstaylor at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 21:06:01 MSK 2004

I have just installed ejabberd... it looks really good. Just one
slight problem...

I downloaded ejabberd to install onto an old RedHat 7.2 box. This
machine does not have SSL, as this was not a requirement I just went
ahead and built Erlang and ejabberd without SSL.

However, when starting ejabberd with almost the out-of-the-box config
(with LDAP authentication) I got an error complaining that crypto did
not exist when calling crypto:start from sha:start. I solved the
problem by removing the crypto:start call from sha:start (replacing it
with a constant number!).

This solved the problem for me and we are now running ejabberd quite happily.

Is there a better way of solving this problem (other than installing
OpenSSL)? I could not find reference to this problem "in Google".

Thanks for any help.


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