[ejabberd] JEP-0133: Service Administration

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 11 02:19:02 MSK 2004

Alexey Shchepin wrote:
>  SdK> Is there any todo development plan somewhere?
> I'm focusing on postgres and virtual domains support, and likely won't
> implement any other features before these two will be finished.

Hi, while implementing LDAP (mod_roster), which seems to work(!) ok at 
the moment. The virtual domain stuff probably means the 'userid' will 
become userid at server, that was my guess.

But I was thinking... why not extend that with a Resource too? From my 
point of view... bringing XMMP to Asterisk (VoIP/SMS) and to 
Sendmail/Postfix (Email) a roster to be used with a VoIP phone could be 
even more cool. (And then would be just a /officephone away, thus using 
the resourcename for looking up an alternative roster layout, with only 
sip:// reachable addresses as example).

Before you add support for postgres, would it be possible to unify the 
mod_roster code, add virtual domains, and then add backend support? So 
mnesia, ldap, postgres get roughly the same code and if some guy from 
the mysql community walks by he can implement it just as easy as we did now?

While this fix, it is probably also a good thing to review the 
mod_roster dependancies (in other modules) and decide how a module 
should be extended.

Stefan de Konink

ps. private mail on the way soon...

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