[ejabberd] is there SMTP gate ?

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 14 16:17:10 MSK 2004

Arioch /BDV/ wrote:
> Is there some MOD or separate application (worse) that can listen on 
> SMTP port, receive mails there (binary attaches not interesting, 
> language/charset recoding is) and send then as XMPP messages.
> MOD seems to be better, since it does not need extra database of user 
> accounts, that need to be in sync with jabber's one.

I have that in planning to make (along with e-mail messages in roster), 
but more in combination with a MTA. If someone knows an existing mod... 
I'm also interested.

My idea was to create a rostergroup 'new mail' and when a session is 
started to send the textbody to the client.

Stefan de Konink

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