[ejabberd] is there SMTP gate ?

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 14 18:05:50 MSK 2004

Andreas van Cranenburgh wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 02:45:11PM +0100, Stefan de Konink wrote:
>>Andreas van Cranenburgh wrote:
>>>Some things that I would like to see are IMAP and SMTP 'frontends' or
>>>translators for Jabber. Why? So that people can use their reglar
>>>clients, but can also benefit from the advantages of Jabber. Something
>>>like IM2000 or NGMP. But for that a persistent storage of messages is
>>>first needed.
>>Exactly, but if a mod_imap is made the storage of messages can be safely 
>>done serverside via imap.
> IMAP is a protocol, not a storage. Yes indeed there could be a mod_imap
> to listen on port 143, but there could just as well be a seperate
> imap-jabber translator, server independent/agnostic.
Yes, but why not something like a transport? (Or is that what you mean?) 
Teaching a transport the imap-clientside append/store/fetch would make 
direct integration possible.

> How the storage
> would be realized I don't know, currently the philosophy isto keep
> spoolfiles small and tiny, right?
I can't answer that question :) But I think the specific remote storage 
should only be used for the 'messages' comming from the 

The pro of IMAP itself is probably creating just one interface and 
keeping email and jabbermessages serparate by default. A con could be: 
with direct SMTP integration messages could be stored natively on the 
server and neighter a SMTP or IMAP server are required.

So what is prefered? Would everyone migrate of SMTP/IMAP to XMMP? I 
don't see that happen pretty quickly and e-mails stored inside a Jabber 
server need to be available from the outside. Which probably means there 
needs to be a POP3/IMAP/Webinterface created for the recieved/stored 

Writing all this I think the smtp transport/translator would be the 
futuristic solution but easiest to keep alive. All services are then 
handled within a Jabber domain and thus no external problems/bugs to 
keep in mind, it is backward compatible and works with 
jabberuser at virtualdomain.tld. On implementation level a mix between a 
emailserver and a transport.

Keep in mind this is heading to get the tag 'groupware' soon...


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