[ejabberd] is there SMTP gate ?

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Tue Dec 14 18:42:41 MSK 2004

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 04:05:50PM +0100, Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Yes, but why not something like a transport? (Or is that what you mean?) 
> Teaching a transport the imap-clientside append/store/fetch would make 
> direct integration possible.

A transport transports, and this is not about transporting. There's
already SMTP <-> Jabber (the SMTP transport). My ideas is to have IMAP
<-> Jabber, so that people can use the messaging part (not the chatting
part) of Jabber using only traditional e-mail software.

> The pro of IMAP itself is probably creating just one interface and 
> keeping email and jabbermessages serparate by default. A con could be: 
> with direct SMTP integration messages could be stored natively on the 
> server and neighter a SMTP or IMAP server are required.

With a IMAP <-> Jabber translator messages could only be read, sending
would require an SMTP <-> Jabber translator too.

> So what is prefered? Would everyone migrate of SMTP/IMAP to XMMP? I 
> don't see that happen pretty quickly and e-mails stored inside a Jabber 
> server need to be available from the outside. Which probably means there 
> needs to be a POP3/IMAP/Webinterface created for the recieved/stored 
> messages.

No this won't happen quickly but if XMPP can be presented as an
alternative to the legacy SMTP and POP3/IMAP protocols it can suddenly
get very interesting for a lot more people.

> Writing all this I think the smtp transport/translator would be the 
> futuristic solution but easiest to keep alive. All services are then 
> handled within a Jabber domain and thus no external problems/bugs to 
> keep in mind, it is backward compatible and works with 
> jabberuser at virtualdomain.tld. On implementation level a mix between a 
> emailserver and a transport.

As I tlod you already, there *is* such a SMTP transport. Google it or try
amessage.*, they're running it.

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