[ejabberd] XMPP mail system was: is there SMTP gate ?

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Tue Dec 14 21:11:30 MSK 2004

Op dinsdag 14 december 2004 19:04, schreef Andreas van Cranenburgh:
> On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 18:04 +0100, Stefan de Konink wrote:
> > Is the above correct?
> Almost. The reading of messages part is like I meant it, but I envision
> a different way of sending the messages. Instead of using an ISP's SMTP
> server, with all of the infamous problems like spoofing and spamming,
> there would be a modified SMTP server, which speaks SMTP only for
> clients, and talks XMPP when delivering the message. The reason for this
> is in this XMPP mail system one needs a Jabber account to send messages,
> and people can easily manage a list of trusted contacts (their roster).
> So in short, my ideas is to have a completely new mail system, which is
> pure Jabber (except that it's accessible to normal mail clients).
> Unfortunately I don't know any programming languages, but if I would I'd
> try to implement this :)
> It could be written in Python, using libraries already available
> perhaps? Or the two components (IMAP + SMTP) could be added as ejabberd
> modules (this last approach would make the software dependent on
> ejabberd of course).

I think pure Erlang is the best for that as that will make ejabberd a killer 
app for ISP's if very good implemented ;-)

> The philosophy of Jabber is to have simple clients and leave the
> complexity to the server. With this idea one has even simpler clients,
> because they don't even have to speak any Jabber :)

Other approach: I heard someone was planning to create an XMPP daemon that 
send messages to local software. If the message type is "message" it can be 
sended to the mailclient of the user. :-)

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

xmpp:sander at l4l.be ( http://jabber.l4l.be/ )
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