[ejabberd] Ejabberd and MUC rooms

Martyn Baker Martyn.Baker at clara.co.uk
Fri Dec 17 10:50:51 MSK 2004


I've tried configuring the rooms after creation to allow this, but I've
always got 'not allowed'

Or are you saying I need to configure the module in Ejabberd to allow this ?
If so, how can I do this.

Any help greatly appreciated !


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> Martyn Baker wrote:
> > I can setup rooms, but I'm unable to invite others, debug output says
> > not allowed, I've various room configs, but to no avail.
> Ability to send invitation is a chatroom option. In ejabberd's embedded
> MUC component that option is disabled by default.
> So, when you create a room and want participants to be able to send
> invitations, you must configure it.
> Note that you'll need a MUC-capable Jabber client, like Exodus, Tkabber
> or JAJC. Psi 0.9.2, Gaim and other clients do probably not have that
> feature.
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