[ejabberd] icq transport

Frederic Logier fred at taonix.net
Mon Dec 20 20:45:27 MSK 2004


i'm trying to connect an ejabberd server with a jabberd 1.4 to use some 
transport like icq or msn. So, i add my jabberd gateway hosted on 
another server :

{5555, ejabberd_service, [{hosts, "icq.my_jabberd_server.net", 
[{password, "fdsfds"}]}]},

Link seems to be ok, but when i'm connecting on ejabberd with psi, when 
i want to discover transport service, ejabberd seems to terminate the 
connection :

** Reason for termination =
** {function_clause,[{xml,'-crypt/1-lc^0/1-0-',"."},

Thanks for your help.

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