[ejabberd] Ejabberd on Windows NT4 and setting up to allow S2S connections between 2 specified servers only

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Mon Dec 20 22:46:48 MSK 2004

Op maandag 20 december 2004 20:30, schreef Martyn Baker:

(normally people repeat here their question ;-) )

> I've googled and dug around, but haven't found anything that helps me.
> I have 2 Ejabberd servers running 0.7.5 serving two different domains. Both
> servers are running (patched !) NT4 with the recommended version of Erlang
> and Expat installed. Both servers are working perfectly, serving their
> respective domains.
> I want to be able to set them up so that they know about each other's
> domains and can only communicate with each other using S2S connections.
> I have the listeners setup up as per the documentation, but what I don't
> know is how to configure Ejabberd so that each server knows about the
> other.
> Both server names are in our DNS servers and are reachable from each other.
> Each server serves a different domain. Should I have entries is the
> services tables which tell the software the port and name of the other
> server ? Should there be something in ejabberd.cfg ? I'm fairly at a loss
> now as where to look !

Probably not: I think the easiest way is to do it via your firewall. Though I 
don't know anything about firewalls for Windows.  You need to do this:

* enable s2s listener
* on server Y on port 5269 (or the port you specified for s2s), only allow 
packages from server X (IP, domain)
* on server X you do the same

Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

xmpp:sander at l4l.be ( http://jabber.l4l.be/ )
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