[ejabberd] external auth script

Robert Wills robert.wills at dicta.org.uk
Wed Dec 22 21:29:51 MSK 2004


I've been using a modified version of the
examples/extauth/check_pass_null.pl to provide external authentication
for my ejabberd server.  It seems to work quite well, but approximately
once a week I run into a problem where the authorisation hangs: ie the
user can connect but no response comes back to the jabber:iq:auth set

I've tried a few things with the perl script but I'm now fairly
confident that the problem is that ejabberd is losing its connection to
the perl script.  I looked at ejabberd_auth.erl and it doesn't appear
that any attempt is being made to see if the external auth process is
still running.  Is there any way to have ejabberd check that the script
is still there and if not start up a new script? 

Thanks for any responses,


Robert Wills <robert.wills at dicta.org.uk>

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