[ejabberd] Re: connect but can't chat

Badlop badlop at safe-mail.net
Fri Dec 31 18:36:27 MSK 2004

Jiann-Ming Su escribió:
> I can use MUC with gaim; I just can't configure a chat room. 
> MU-Conference (http://mu-conference.jabberstudio.org/) also implements
> JEP-0045, and I can configure a a MU-Conference chat room, but not a
> ejabberd chat room.

You're right. I've checked Gaim 1.0.1 and it now implements MUC. I can 
confirm that Gaim 1.0.1 can configure MU-Conference chatrooms, but not 
ejabberd/mod_muc chatrooms. I've checked XML generated my mod_muc and it 
seems JEP45 compliant.

There's a bug in ejabberd 0.7.5 that has been recently corrected in CVS.

But even applying the corresponding patch Gaim still refuses to 
configure rooms.

It seems to me there's a bug in Gaim, since all other MUC enabled 
clients can configure in mod_muc: Tkabber, Exodus and Pandion.

Jabber plugin in Gaim CVS:

Functions to look for: jabber_chat_room_configure_*

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