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Badlop badlop at ono.com
Tue Jul 20 23:11:54 MSD 2004

Jilani Khaldi escribió:
> 1. what do I have to change in "ejabberd.conf" to get access to the 
> page admin from browser having "myname" as user name and  "mypasswd" 
> as password;

This is how I got it running.

1. I first activated web_admin on the sources. Maybe it's not needed, or
can be done elsewhere. Anyway, I edited ejabberd/src/web/ejabberd_http.erl
and replaced 'use_web_admin = false' with 'use_web_admin = true' on line
31. Recompile Ejabberd.

2. On ejabberd.cfg you need to specify the listening port:
   {5280, ejabberd_http,    [web_admin]},

3. Also, make sure the module is started:
   {mod_configure2, []},

4. You will be able to login on the website with URL:
and any Jabber user with admin privileges.

You can give admin privileges to any Jabber account on ejabberd.cfg:
{acl, admin, {user, "admin"}}.

So, the username and password for the website will be the username and
password of the Jabber account.

Maybe there are faster ways to get it running or errors in my proccess.
Please comment them.

I uploaded some screenshots to http://tkabber.jabber.ru/node/view/135

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