[ejabberd] ejabberd 0.7 and config

sgolovan at nm.ru sgolovan at nm.ru
Thu Jul 22 16:10:04 MSD 2004

Hello Robert Wills 

×ò, 22.07.2004 12:28:11 you wrote:
RW> Hello,
RW> I just upgraded from ejabberd 0.5 to ejabberd 0.7.  I discovered that
RW> the ejabberd config interface no longer worked when using tkabber. 
RW> Messed around for a bit, until I found that it works with the cvs
RW> version of tkabber.

Yes, one proprietary namespace 'jabber:iq:data' was replaced by another one
'ejabberd:config' (to make things a bit clearer).

RW> Just thought I'd mention this as a head's up to anyone else who gets
RW> confused.
RW> One question:  is there any way to get the web admin to work over https?

For now, web interface doesn't work over SSL because of erlang SSL limitations.
But Aleksey is planning to implement his own SSL bindings to make HTTPS working.
Expect this in 0.9.

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