[ejabberd] A spelling mistake

Andreas van Cranenburgh andreas at unstable.nl
Thu Nov 4 23:08:48 MSK 2004

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 11:21:56PM +0200, Andreas van Cranenburgh wrote:
> I've seen the word "authentification" a lot of times both in the
> documentation and in the log files, and I think it should be spelled
> "authentication".

This hasn't been fixed yet AFAIK. Just do
s/authentification/authentication/ and let ejabberd look more

andreas at unstable[21:07:35]:502 ~$ dict authentification
andreas at unstable[21:07:35]:502 ~$

andreas at unstable[21:07:35]:502 ~$ dict authentication
From wn [wn]:

       n 1: a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and
            authenticity [syn: {hallmark}, {assay-mark}]
       2: validating the authenticity of something or someone [syn:
andreas at unstable[21:07:35]:502 ~$


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