[ejabberd] Dev questions

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 6 09:57:10 MSK 2004


I managed to get the roster partly out of ldap, for a newbie Erlang 
coder and a night of debugging, good progres I guess. But I want to be 
sure of some things:

-record(roster, {uj,
                  name = "",
                  subscription = none,
                  ask = none,
                  groups = [],
                  xattrs = [],
                  xs = []}).

Can somebody in detail explain what is stored in the above structure?

My Guess:
uj: usersjabberid
user: username
jid: remotejabberid
name: name of the roster
subscription: type of subscription for the roster itself?
ask: allowed to speak?
groups: the roster can be grouped?
xattrs: i have no clue???
xs: i have no clue???

Another point, the code of the webinterface doesn't use the normal 
ejabberd code, probably it is copyed, but then a gain, now I am working 
on an alternative roster. I can't check it in the webinterface anymore 
because the webinterface checks it directly out of mnesia. If it can be 
rewritten to use the ejabberd functions directly it probably has less 
future problems too.

Btw. does anyone know a erlang based ldapserver?


Stefan de Konink

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