[ejabberd] filtering

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Nov 7 00:08:07 MSK 2004

>> is there any way to tell erlang what source IP to listen on?  i
>> would like to assign it another predictable address, and unfilter
>> only the ports i need, such as s2s and 5222/5223.
> {5556, ejabberd_service, [{ip, {127, 0, 0, 1}}, {access, all}, {host, "aim",   [{password, "someSecret"}]}]}

the transports are not the whole story.  e.g., from the following
lsof of a running ejabberd, i do not know how to pin the ***d ports

**  beam      1312 ejabberd    5u  IPv4 0xc255f1c0      0t0     TCP *:52089 (LISTEN)
    beam      1312 ejabberd    6u  IPv4 0xc1b6d1c0      0t0     TCP localhost:59451->localhost:4369 (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   15u  IPv4 0xc173ec40      0t0     TCP *:jabber-client (LISTEN)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   16u  IPv4 0xc2651380      0t0     TCP *:5223 (LISTEN)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   18u  IPv4 0xc1b6d540      0t0     TCP *:jabber-server (LISTEN)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   19u  IPv4 0xc1b6c1c0      0t0     TCP *:5280 (LISTEN)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   20u  IPv4 0xc1b6cc40      0t0     TCP *:5233 (LISTEN)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   22u  IPv4 0xc16511c0      0t0     TCP this.server:5223->cli.ent:53394 (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   24u  IPv4 0xc2651a80      0t0     TCP this.server:64334->peer.two:jabber-server (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   25u  IPv4 0xc1651a80      0t0     TCP this.server:52683->peer.one:jabber-server (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   27u  IPv4 0xc16518c0      0t0     TCP this.server:jabber-server->peer.one:59081 (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   28u  IPv4 0xc1b6c380      0t0     TCP this.server:jabber-server->peer.two:58700 (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   29u  IPv4 0xc255f380      0t0     TCP this.server:49877->peer.one:jabber-server (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   30u  IPv4 0xc1b6d8c0      0t0     TCP this.server:53127->peer.two:jabber-server (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   31u  IPv4 0xc1b6d380      0t0     TCP this.server:57714->peer.two:jabber-server (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   32u  IPv4 0xc173e8c0      0t0     TCP this.server:jabber-server->peer.two:61331 (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   33u  IPv4 0xc255f000      0t0     TCP this.server:61806->peer.two:jabber-server (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   34u  IPv4 0xc1b5d1c0      0t0     TCP this.server:5280->cli.ent:61600 (ESTABLISHED)
    beam      1312 ejabberd   35u  IPv4 0xc2673c40      0t0     TCP this.server:5280->cli.ent:53167 (ESTABLISHED)

the rest are dynamic or i understand how to move them if i wish to.  but
that listener on 52089 i do not understand how to pin.  and, does it need to
be externally visible?  to a service cluster?  to the world?


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