[ejabberd] A couple ejabberd questions.

Etan Reisner deryni at eden.rutgers.edu
Wed Nov 10 23:20:30 MSK 2004

I see that ejabberd has support for ldap, the question is can it use
ldap with tls?

I have turned tls on for port 5222, the question is can I turn
non-encrypted connections on that port off?

The modules section of ejabberd.cfg is supposed to allow me to turn off
the modules that I don't want ejabberd to use, correct?
The reason I ask is that it seems that ejabberd actually uses a module
despite its being commented out, and in my brief look at the code
it doesn't seem to do any checks for whether the module is loaded or not
(though my knowledge of erlang is very small so I may have missed

Thanks for the help,


P.S. I asked some of these questions to the list before but failed to
get any answer, I apologize for sending them again, but I really need
the answers.

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