[ejabberd] Crash on 2nd TLS Access

Adam Thorsen adam.thorsen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 16:26:25 MSK 2004

(Being brave and starting my own thread ;) )

Ok, by creating an ssl.pem file, I am able to successfully connect to
Ejabberd using TLS (with Gaim).  However, if I disconnect and then
reconnect using TLS, Ejabberd segfaults.  I then have to remove and
recreate the Mnesia directory to be able to start up Ejabberd again

I am running OpenBSD 3.5.

Here is the ouput of erl:

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Nov-2004::09:32:50 ===
I(<0.289.0>:ejabberd_c2s:472): ({tlssock,#Port<0.332>,#Port<0.341>})
Accepted authentification for athorsen
SASLAUTH: {"athorsen","Gaim"}

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Nov-2004::09:32:50 ===
I(<0.289.0>:ejabberd_c2s:577): ({tlssock,#Port<0.332>,#Port<0.341>})
Opened session for athorsen at localhost/Gaim

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Nov-2004::09:32:54 ===
I(<0.289.0>:ejabberd_c2s:931): ({tlssock,#Port<0.332>,#Port<0.341>})
Close session for athorsen at localhost/Gaim

=INFO REPORT==== 11-Nov-2004::09:32:55 ===
I(<0.224.0>:ejabberd_listener:89): (#Port<0.339>) Accepted connection
{{24,35,92,2},43647} -> {{134,232,252,111},5222}
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

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