[ejabberd] I've unexpectedly found that Mnesias db may depend on gcc version

Max Loparyev max at city.veganet.ru
Sun Nov 14 23:48:50 MSK 2004

I'd tried to play with CFLAGS to find out does it influent on memory 
consumtion or not, and suddenly my ejabberd had got failed to start, 
with next error message
=PROGRESS REPORT==== 14-Nov-2004::21:59:59 ===
          application: mnesia
           started_at: ejabberd at thunder

=ERROR REPORT==== 14-Nov-2004::22:00:02 ===
Error in process <0.136.0> on node 'ejabberd at thunder' with exit value: 
berd/src/Mnesia.ejabberd at thunder/fs_ejabberd at thunder_6230_1100_458799_855496.1",ebadf}}},[{mnesia_index,init_disc_index,2}

=SUPERVISOR REPORT==== 14-Nov-2004::22:00:06 ===
      Supervisor: {local,mnesia_kernel_sup}
      Context:    child_terminated
      Reason:     shutdown
      Offender:   [{pid,<0.66.0>},

=SUPERVISOR REPORT==== 14-Nov-2004::22:00:06 ===
      Supervisor: {local,mnesia_kernel_sup}
      Context:    shutdown
      Reason:     reached_max_restart_intensity
      Offender:   [{pid,<0.66.0>},

=ERROR REPORT==== 14-Nov-2004::22:00:06 ===
Mnesia(ejabberd at thunder): ** ERROR ** (core dumped to file: 
"/home/max/build/ejabberd/src/MnesiaCore.ejabberd at thunder_1100_458806_250931")
  ** FATAL ** Loader crashed: {{badmatch,
"/home/max/build/ejabberd/src/Mnesia.ejabberd at thunder/fs_ejabberd at thunder_6230_1100_458799_855496.1",
  state: {state,<0.65.0>,
this has appeared after building erlang 10b with gcc 3.4.2
Mnesia.ejabberd at thunder spool was created with elrang 10b compiled with 
gcc-3.3.4. At the same time ejabberd starts without any problem on the 
new erlang if I redirect mnesia to the other dir. And the last test 
case: after downgrading erlang back to gcc 3.3.4 I can start ejabberd 
again with both, new mnesia spool and old mnesia spool.

One more answer on the question why I want to use the SQL backend with 
Saionara, Max.
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